Aerial Equipment Rental

Dwight Crane offers reliable, top quality aerial equipment for rent. Whether you’ve ventured a large scale project or have started a smaller scale project of your own around your home, Dwight Crane can provide what you need.

Our professional and customer-oriented team can help you find the right aerial equipment with ease and guaranteed satisfaction.

It’s important to not only have the right aerial equipment but be equipped with all the skills to operate them safely. At Dwight Crane, we offer an aerial safety training course to provide you with the tools you need to complete your work safely.

Whether you know what you need or require expert advice, our friendly team of experts at Dwight Crane helps you select the appropriate aerial equipment you need to get your work done.

To speak to one of our team members and rent your aerial equipment today, call 416-287-3170 (GTA), 905-686-3333 (Durham) or 877-688-2110 (Toll-Free) or email us at

Equipment We Provide

At Dwight Crane, we offer a wide variety of aerial equipment to fit all your needs:


  • Roto Telescopic R/T

    – Telehandlers with the Roto range has a turret that allows operation within a 360° range. Completing your project within a tight space is no longer an issue with a Roto telehandler and its excellent maneuverability.
  • Standard Telescopic R/T

    – We offer a wide range of telehandler sizes, from small to large, each powered by a turbocharged diesel engine for guaranteed power and performance in any condition. Our quality telehandlers have excellent reach and lift capacity for all your project needs.

Aerial and Scissor Lift Equipment

  • Engine Powered R/T

    – Our engine powered scissor lift equipment is specially designed to lift on rough terrains. Each model is designed to work in all outdoor situations and are equipped with large slide decks for your tools.
  • Electric Powered Indoor

    – Dwight Crane offers 10 different sizes of DC electric indoor scissor lifts. Our indoor scissor lifts range from 14’ to 40’ in size. Our smaller scissor lifts are designed to fit smoothly and comfortably through doorways and into tight spaces, whereas our larger models are perfect for reaching all those hard to reach spots above. All our models are fitted with large deck sizes to help you carry all your tools and accessories with ease. All units are available in flat back.
  • Track Mount RT

    – The BiBi 26’ scissor lift has been designed with the outdoors in mind; with its versatile structure and durable rubber tracks, it can easily be maneuvered on any rough terrain.

Engine Powered Boom Lifts

  • Below Elevation

    – Dwight Crane offers you the option to work 37’ below grade using Skyjack’s SJB-66TK. Our model has a 72ft work height above elevation, a 6ft hydraulic jib and an 8ft standard platform. Our model can handle even the roughest of terrains and give you the confidence to complete even the most difficult of construction challenges.
  • Articulating (Rough Terrain)

    – Our all-terrain wheeled vehicles are designed to give you the outdoor performance you need. Our models range in sizes from 45’ to 125’ and possess reduced-emissions fuel-efficient Tier 4 engines, ideal for outdoor performance. Use our rough terrain articulating booms for your outdoor construction, lighting and various other industrial projects. All units are available in flat back.
  • Telescopic

    – Our telescopic boom lifts use reduced-emissions fuel-efficient Tier 4 engines. They are designed to provide the greatest horizontal reach and their full elevations within 70 seconds to save you time and keep your project on schedule. All units are available in flat back.

Vertical Mast Lifts

  • Driveable

    – At Dwight Crane, we offer Driveable Vertical Mast Lifts and Maneuverable Vertical Mast Lifts. Both our vertical and maneuverable mast lifts have compact designs, perfect for reaching all those tight and narrow spaces with ease. Easily work indoors, pass through doorways, and steer your mast lift without leaving a trace, with our non-marking tires.
  • Material Lifts

    – Our material lifts have a small, compact design and can easily be maneuvered for all your indoor work. These lifts are perfect for lifting all your heavy items to a height of 25’.
  • Push Around

    – When you need that compact, one-person lift to reach all those small places, our push around model is perfect for you. Easily maneuver your way through standard doorways with our tilt-back arms feature. Find your push around lift at the perfect height (24’, 30’, and 36’ platform heights available) and reach those sites where larger equipment would be valueless.

Electric and Hybrid Boom Lifts

  • Track Mount Articulating

    – Our 77’ Compact Crawler is designed to fit through standard doorways and provides a working height of 83’.
  • Articulating (Electric and Hybrid)

    – Our equipment, here at Dwight Crane, is not only high quality but environmentally friendly. If you are looking for zero-emission, reduced noise, and longer duty cycles, then look no further. Our hybrid and electric boom lifts range from 30’ to 60’ to give you the right height to get your project done. All units are available in flat back.

Why Choose Dwight Crane?

If you want quality, efficiency, variety, and precision in your work, then Dwight Crane is the right fit for you.

Dwight Crane is your one-stop-shop for all your aerial equipment rentals. We provide an immense variety of top of the line aerial equipment to help you complete whatever project you’ve got on your hands. Whether it’s a small, indoor project or a large outdoor challenge, our aerial equipment is designed to battle rough terrains and maneuver its way through any space.

Let our expert team help you navigate through our vast selection of aerial equipment to find you the lifting machine you require. Contact us today at Dwight Crane or request a quote to get started; satisfaction guaranteed. Let us be a part of your project and see it become a success.

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