Carry Deck Cranes for In-studio Production

Posted by on 20-08-2021
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If you’re planning for an in-studio construction project and need a piece of equipment to move materials around a potentially cramped work site, then the solution is a carry deck crane. Suitable for both indoor or outdoor use, carry deck cranes offer the sort of functionality and versatility that will allow you to tackle the most challenging project. Read on to see some of the benefits of these cranes and to find out how you can put them to good use.


Carry deck cranes are renowned for their maneuverability, due in part to their small size and tight turning radius. They can pass through low doors, steer clear of overhead obstructions, and they are nimble enough to be used in tight spaces that other cranes cannot be used in. So, if your in-studio construction assignment necessitates the use of a crane, then carry deck cranes are worth considering. In fact, carry deck cranes may be the only option for your in-studio construction project if maneuverability ranks high on your list of priorities.

Hoisting Power

In addition to the maneuverability aspect, carry deck cranes are useful for moving materials around job sites. Don’t let the smaller stature of carry deck cranes compared to other crane types fool you. They pack a lot of power into a relatively small size. In fact, some models have a pick-up-and-carry capability of 15 tons. They can move heavy loads around your in-studio construction site, so you don’t have to sacrifice hoisting power for maneuverability.

Reasonable Cost

These compact and versatile cranes are a very cost-effective option for your in-studio construction project. They are smaller than other cranes, and this factors into the cheaper cost, particularly if you opt to rent rather than to buy. The unit you rent will be all the more cost effective when you factor into the equation all of the tasks you’ll be able to do with that one piece of equipment. Moreover, if you order a carry deck crane from Dwight Crane, your crane will include an operator who is licensed to safely use the crane on your in-studio construction site. If you’ve got an in-studio construction project on your to-do list, be sure to consider the benefits of using a carry deck crane. When you look at factors like maneuverability, hoisting power and reasonable rental cost, you’ll see that a carry deck crane will be a great investment.
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