5 Commercial Construction Uses for a Boom Truck

Posted by on 22-08-2018
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Commercial Construction Uses for a Boom Truck
As the commercial construction industry has steadily grown in recent years, the use of boom trucks has become more essential than ever. They are particularly ideal for projects that don’t require the extensive work of a much larger tower crane, and are much quicker to get to the construction site. They also offer more maneuverability and can fit into tighter spaces than other cranes. This versatility also comes with the ability to haul material right on the boom truck itself. All of this makes the boom truck an important part on a commercial construction site. Here are five examples of why you would need a boom truck on a commercial construction site:
  1. Elevating Heavy MaterialBoom trucks can lift heavy material to elevated working sites. This is an easy solution if you are working with wood beams, for example. It can also be useful when doing brickwork on multi-storey buildings.
  2. ForestryWhen cutting down trees. Boom truck cranes can be excellent for doing work on old growth trees then transport the logs away from the site.
  3. Transporting MaterialsA boom truck’s crane is great for lifting materials, but the boom truck itself is also excellent at transporting materials from one place to another when secured tightly on the flatbed.
  4. Material PlacementWorking with slabs of concrete blocks, for example, can also be tricky. You could use the crane lift on the boom truck to lift the slabs and move these materials in no time.
  5. Working in Hard to Reach AreasBoom trucks can lift workers up to elevated heights to do electrical installations. That’s because the boom truck crane can perch workers right where they need to be while keeping them grounded on their feet.
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