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Hybrid & Electric Articulating Booms

  Zero Emissions, Reduced Noise, and Longer Duty Cycles.

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Crawler Boom

Fits through standard doorways, Auto levels on uneven surfaces, and Electric power.

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Straight Booms

Reduced-emissions fuel-efficient Tier 4 engine, greatest horizontal reach, and able to reach full elevation under 70 seconds.

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Rough Terrain Articulating Booms

Reduced-emissions fuel-efficient Tier 4 engine, All-Terrain wheels for outdoor performance and improved multi-functional capability.

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Crawler Scissor Lifts

The BiBi 26' scissors are extremely versatile in outdoor situations with durable rubber tracks and full lift capability on uneven surfaces.

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Electric Scissor Lifts

At Dwight Crane we have 10 different sizes of DC electric indoor scissor lifts for you to choose from. Looking for an outdoor lift? No problem! Check out our rough terrain scissor lifts.

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Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

The SJ 27' scissors are extremely versatile in outdoor situations and with it's 4.5' slide out deck it has ample room for work and tools.

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Driveable Vertical Mast Lifts

Driveable Vertical Mast Lifts (DVL) and Manoeuvrable Vertical Mast Lifts (MVL) are compact and maneuverable lifting machines, designed for efficient operation in tight places and narrow...

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Carry Deck

These small propane powered Carry Deck Cranes are great for indoor or outdoor use. Our Carry Deck Cranes are able to pass through low doors or openings and manoeuver in tight spaces.

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Boom Trucks

A boom truck crane is a great multi-purpose option for hoisting and hauling.

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Mobile Cranes

Our mobile truck mounted cranes come in sizes from 35 Ton and up.

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Crane Accessories

  Big or Small we are sure to have a bucket to fit your needs.

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Telescopic Forklifts

Our high reach telehandlers offer excellent lift capacity, easily covering all your worksite and production needs. Powerful features such as four-wheel drive and a turbocharged diesel engine provide reliable performance in the most rugged conditions.

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Rotational Telescopic Forklifts

Thanks to the telehandlers of the Roto range, it is possible to operate 360° thanks to the rotating turret which provides a greater radius of action compared to a fixed telehandler.

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