Camera and Lighting Accessories

Trolley Mounted Rotator

It’s doesn’t matter if it’s lights, set props, or fly swatters — LRX Rotators give you the...

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Camera Remote

The Cam Remote Bracket is the perfect link between any construction type crane boom and a camera remote system.

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Correction Filters

The all new LRX Correction Filters are now compatible with many industry standard fixtures and are readily available in...

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These powered trolleys were made with our LRX Light Fixtures in mind, but can be used for many other applications.

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Telehandler LRX Lighting Adapter

Powerful features such as four-wheel drive and a turbocharged diesel engine provide reliable performance in the most...

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LRX Dealer Locations

  • Toronto, Ontario Dwight Crane Ltd.
  • 416-287-3107
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