Roto Telescopic R/T

Thanks to the telehandlers of the Roto range, it is possible to operate 360° thanks to the rotating turret which...

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Standard Telescopic R/T

Our high reach telehandlers offer excellent lift capacity, easily covering all your worksite and production needs.

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Scissor Lifts

Engine Powered R/T

Dwight Cranes’ All Terrain Scissor Lifts are a great addition to any outdoor set that requires a more aggressive...

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Electric Powered Indoor

At Dwight Crane we have 10 different sizes of DC electric indoor scissor lifts for you to choose from.

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Track Mount RT

The BiBi 26′ scissors are extremely versatile in outdoor situations with durable rubber tracks and full lift...

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Engine Powered Boom Lifts

Below Elevation

Work as low as 37′ below grade with the Skyjack TK-66!

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Articulating - Rough Terrain

At Dwight Crane we have a number of different engine powered articulating boom lifts available.

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Straight Telescopic Booms ranging from 40’ – 135’ to suite any job.

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Vertical Mast Lifts


Driveable Vertical Mast Lifts (DVL) and Maneuverable Vertical Mast Lifts (MVL) are compact and maneuverable lifting...

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Manual Material Lift

Material Lifts

Our manual material lifts are incredibly versatile. They are designed to be easily maneuverable, and work great indoors.

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Push Around

This unique and versatile one man personnel lift can reach those hard to get to places where larger equipment...

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Electric and Hybrid Boom Lifts

Track Mount Articulating

Fits through standard doorways, Auto levels on uneven surfaces, and Electric power.

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Articulating - Electric and Hybrid

Zero Emissions, Reduced Noise, and Longer Duty Cycles.

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